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April 11-13NOHO, NYC

A New Way To Shop

Distributed commerce and customer experience - powered by Web3.

A young Black woman with a ponytail wearing a graphic, colorful shirt does a “kiss” pose against an orange background.
A young Asian man in a beanie standing in front of a yellow background looks confidently at the camera.
Phone Frame
A card showing a blue sneaker with a notification that the shoe drops in one day. When the shoe is available to purchase, the user can buy it there in one click.
A card showing a blue sneaker with a 'Buy now' button. The user can buy the shoe in one click, without leaving the card.
A card showing someone selecting their shoe size. The button below says 'Continue.'
A card showing a checkout screen in the Dispatch ecomm flow. The user just has to tap 'Checkout now' to complete their purchase.
A young Black woman strikes a confident pose against a blue background
A young Asian woman in a pink shirt stands against a pink background and gives a gentle smile.
One click checkout, directly from the card.

A Suite Of Solutions To Connect With Your Customers

More than 16 pre-designed card templates ready for use.

A middle aged white couple sit on the back of a boat in motion. The woman wears a pink t-shirt and white shorts, and she laughs as she holds on to her straw hat with one hand. The man wears a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts and sits crossed leg, with one arm around the woman. The pillows around them are in various shades of blue and white.
Invite card

Treat your most loyal customers to exclusive events

A young Black man wearing a black beret and oversized jean jacket smiles and shows off a pair of red sneakers in the middle of a clothing store.
Survey card

Give your brand enthusiasts what they want

A middle aged Black man drives an Audi and looks at his navigation system.
Offer card

Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive promotions

One Click Checkout.
In-Wallet, or Anywhere Else.

Dispatch connects with customers in-wallet, or embedded anywhere on the web.

An image showing a Dispatch card layout on desktop and on a mobile phone. The page on both devices is a fashion blog article. In the middle of the article is a card showing a structured beige handbag for sale. The user can buy the bag in one click right from the card, without leaving the article page.
A screen showing the code to embed a card anywhere on the internet.

Amplify Your Toolkit With
Our Web3 Solutions.

Deliver hyper-personalized, exclusive, and engaging customer experiences.


Standard Tools

  • Target based on demographics
  • CRM data
  • Traditional channels: email, in app, display
  • On-site conversion


  • Target based on ownership and transactions
  • On-chain data
  • In-wallet
  • Omnichannel conversion

Stack your tech stack

Dispatch easily integrates with the tools you love already.

An illustration showing three stacked rectangles. The first is orange with a Dispatch logo. The second is red, with the letters “CRM.” The last is purple, with the word “Analytics.”

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