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We’ll work closely with your team to integrate with your existing ecommerce OMS, CRM, and loyalty program.

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Bring your own ad creative or customize with Dispatch. If you want something bespoke for your brand, we can help with that, too.

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Dispatch commerce card illustrating flexibility. Customize your color, button shape, and font style easily



We plug into the ad networks you're already using. No need to build out new targeting. Want even better engagement? Enhance your personalization by merging your OMS and CRM data with our proprietary insights.

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Embed across the web and create IRL experiences.

The dispatch ecosystem: cards are embeddable in websites, wallets, ad-placements, and more!



Our Dashboard compiles actionable data points from your campaigns, so you know what’s working and what to do better next time.

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The dispatch dashboard: easily measure and track the impact of your campaigns


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s do this — get in touch and we’ll make time to get you set up.

Anything from digital products to physical goods.

You can create cards that can be shared and embedded across the internet.

Our analytics capture conversions, impressions, and direct engagement. You can explore the data on our analytics dashboard or integrate with your own analytics tools.

Talk to our sales and partnerships team for more information on which tools we currently integrate with. We’re always adding more.

Contact us for more information about our loyalty and rewards program integrations.

We offer full support for all our products. Contact our sales and development team for more information.

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